All About Lasair Candle and Co

Keeping your sanity in an unpleasant environment is quite demanding. Besides, everyday burnout and stress take a huge toll on the way we live our lives. Swamped by the pressure of balancing work and home together, we often lose out on our mental peace. Well, fret not! We bring you a powerful self-care solution that calms your mind and relaxes your nerves. It’s time to discover your inner peace with Lasair.

At Lasair Candle Co, we have a range of all things magical and handmade. In a world where people are more prone to overthinking, emotional turmoil, anxiety and negativity, our products bring a sense of peace, calmness and relief. Break free from the monotonous routine and watch your life turn around into a happier one. Grab a product from our catalogue today and watch it work wonders for your mental health.
We provide you with a host of fragrant candles infused with beautiful crystals and stones. These crystals have healing abilities that can help you view life through a coloured lens. Each stone has its unique energy that can heal the mind, body and soul. We also have a range of scented zodiac candles, bubble candles, crystal towers, and fragrant smudge sticks that have a positive effect on your life and home.

Whether you wish to gain lost confidence, manifest love, balance relationships, or align your chakras, we have the perfect product for you. Our crystal-infused candles help you navigate through the challenging times while restoring inner peace and emotional balance. Moreover, if you’re new to crystal healing therapy, you’re going to love our products.

The Lasair Journey

Lasair was born to fulfil varied emotional needs. Our founder is greatly influenced by crystals and ways to manifest intentions. While she has always believed in the power of healing crystals, her first encounter with one happened when she met a crystal store owner. The owner told her about channelling her energy in the right direction and recommended her some crystals that truly changed her life. She started journaling, meditating and setting personal goals, all while having her healing crystals by her side. 

Soon after, she left her corporate career to dive deeper into the world of healing, happiness and contentment. Her creative passion further introduced her to candle-making as a way to create something unique for the masses. The idea developed further as she started making scented candles topped with powerful crystals that resonate with a wide variety of emotions. This gave birth to Lasair – an ultimate destination for finding all kinds of crystal-infused candles. She’s our boss lady who always has an on-point recommendation for every emotional need.

Fun Fact: All our candles have a unique and sassy name. One of our bestsellers is named Bad Bitch Energy. This candle has Carnelian, Fire Quartz, Blackberry and Vanilla as its dominating elements. While Carnelian oozes confidence, Fire Quartz helps heal the body, mind and spirit. This quirky name associates the candle with how the crystal present in it affects your life.

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What Makes Lasair Candle Co an Ideal Destination to Shop for Healing Crystal Candles?

Lasair has a unique collection of crystal-infused candles for every need. The crystals sourced for our candles are 100% genuine and have a great quality. We offer a wide variety of products that make for a perfect gift for anniversaries and birthdays. Besides, our customers love the thought behind every candle-crystal mix and vouch for the healing effects of our products.
All our candles are made with Australian vegan soy wax that burns for a longer duration and is naturally sourced. They are infused with special fragrances like Japanese Honey Suckle, Lemon Myrtle, Vanilla Salted Caramel, Coffee, and many more. Each candle oozes a soothing scent while burning and aids in therapeutic meditation. Moreover, these candles burn without leaving petro-soot behind.