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Do Scented Candles Work: Complete Guide| Lasair Candle Co

by Kunti Michelle Feeney on Feb 15, 2022

Do Scented Candles Work: Complete Guide| Lasair Candle Co

Scented Candles: Complete Guide to Fragrant Healing

We’re all well aware of the benefits that burning candles can have on our bodies and surroundings. Yet, most of us are uninformed about how these candles help clear our mind and home space when used along with soothing scents.

Scented candles are an absolutely refreshing way to make one’s home space fragrant. While you may not know, scents present in these candles can have a therapeutic effect on the mood and senses, resulting in calming the brain. They can also have a significant impact on several body conditions, thanks to the healing powers of the fragrances they harbour.

How Do Scented Candles Work?

Scented candles work by diffusing the scents slowly into the air. The scents mixed in wax evaporate as the candle surface heats up, releasing a lovely aroma. This fragrance released from the hot wax makes your home space feel good right after a few minutes of lighting the wick. The longer your candle burns, the more scent it produces. Easy right! Besides, you don’t have to put in any effort or clean up the mess.

Most candles emit an aroma even when they haven’t been lit. This ‘cold throw’ effect can produce whiffs of scents at a relatively shorter distance from where they’re kept.

Can I Make Scented Candles at Home?

While it is easier to make scented candles at home, we’d recommend you to not try it all by yourself. The procedure of making scented candles is similar to that of the unscented ones. The only additional thing required to make a fragrant candle apart from wax, candle containers and wicks are scents. Heat the wax and mix in a few drops of your favourite scents to combine the two. Once the wax cools down and the ingredients settle in, you can label the containers and use them whenever you like.

But let us confess, it is easier said than done. A lot of research goes into balancing the scent and wax mix. While you may reach the closest combination using the hit and trial method, it is essential to stabilise the blend. This is a crucial part of its making and can impact the candle’s burning process. Moreover, if you aren’t really informed about the procedure, you may end up with a candle that has a short wick and as a result, doesn’t burn evenly.

To keep yourself from all the struggles of finding the perfect match and storing them, check out our candle store. We’ve got the best blend of fragrances mingled with vegan soy wax in adequate quantities. You can find a whole range of lovey-dovey, intense, refreshing and calming fragrant candles that don’t just impart a fresh aroma in your surroundings but also help in connecting with your higher and spiritual self. Moreover, each of our candles come with a custom affirmation, zodiac trait, and a sassy catchphrase that make these candles fun and ethereal.

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Is using Scented Candles Safe?

Yes, using scented candles is absolutely safe. You can use them anywhere in your home space and even while indulging in mindful practices. However, people who have underlying respiratory issues or problems like asthma, breathing complications, chronic inflammatory lung disease, and such conditions should refrain from using scented candles. The scent present in the candles often aggravates the symptoms, leading to side effects.

Which is the Best Wax for Scented Candles?

There are three kinds of wax used to make candles namely - paraffin, soy and beeswax. Unknowingly most people pick up paraffin wax candles. While this wax is inexpensive out of all, being a petroleum by-product, it is also the least safe. On the other hand, beeswax is one of the cleanest burning waxes and a natural product produced by honeybees. This makes it an expensive alternative which is often limited to luxury candles that are priced at an equally high price.

Fret not! If you’re looking for a crossover between the two, we have the best option for you. Lasair Candle Co uses soy wax to make scented candles. Soy wax is made by processing soyabean oil and is a completely natural and vegan product. This wax is available at a reasonable price and is quite safe when burnt, making it a really great alternative bringing the benefits of both for you.

Apart from these, there are a few wax blends that can put together the benefits of two or more candle waxes in one.

Tips to Take Care of Your Candles and Making the Most Out of Them

Scented candles, in general, need to be cared for. To make the most out of those you must use and store them in the right way. This also ensures that they burn for longer than usual. Follow the below-given routine to take care of your scented candles and prolong their life:

1. Have the right amount of candles for every room

The effect of scented candles is influenced a lot by the size of the room. If the space you’re using a scented candle is big, using a small scented candle may not be the right idea. Ideally, a scented candle of 8 ounces is enough for a room of 10 sq. ft. If your room size is larger than that, you may have to use 2 scented candles to ensure that the whole room smells just right.

2. Use different scented candles for different spaces

Using only one fragrance across your home can prove to be a dull add-on. Instead, pick a few unique scented candles with refreshing fragrances and place them in different rooms. This technique will personalise your home space and would also prevent the fragrances from overpowering each other.

3. Trim the wick after every use

While a candlewick reduces on its own, it is always a great idea to trim it down after every burn. Note that smaller wicks do not melt the wax surface evenly, leading to candle tunnelling. You must trim it to around 1/4th of an inch above the candle surface. This helps control the melted wax, prevents the wick from burrowing into the candle and reduces the amount of soot it generates. Trimming the wick after every use also ensures even burning and prolonged life.

4. Burn it for an adequate duration

Most of us burn a candle for too long or extinguish it relatively earlier. But the fact is that every candle, whether it is scented or not, must be burnt for at least 60 minutes for every 1-inch diameter of its size. Extinguishing the candle before the melted wax reaches the edges of the container leads to candle tunnelling.

Likewise, burning it for too long can lead to a mushrooming wick and the candle producing smoke. Ideally, a candle must be burnt for 4 hours at most.

5. Store the candles with their lid on

Normally, scented candles must be kept in a cool and dry place. This keeps their colour intact and prolongs their life. But keeping them covered is a general unspoken rule that prevents their fragrance from fading away. Besides, replacing the lid over candle containers prevents dust, dirt and grime from sticking to the candle wax, keeping it clean and safe.

Unwind yourself by bringing home a few scented candles and enjoy every moment spent in your personal space.

Scented Candles - FAQs

1. Do scented candles work?

Yes, scented candles work to make your room fragrant. Thanks to the essential and fragrant oils that are added in adequate quantities to the wax. While they are a great way to make your room feel fresh and lovely, they may not be a great alternative for eliminating the foul odour.

2. Where do you put scented candles?

Scented candles are suitable to be put around in the bedroom, hall, study area, sacred space, or even in a quiet area put together for mindful activities. However, make sure to keep them out of reach of children and pets, on a heat-resistant surface.

3. Are scented candles effective in making your room fresh?

Yes, scented candles can effectively induce a pleasant aroma in the room they’re kept in. While they can mask unpleasant odours to some extent, they do not help in getting rid of them.