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Candle Quartz: Meaning and Properties | Lasair Candle Co

by Kunti Michelle Feeney on Feb 15, 2022

Candle Quartz: Meaning and Properties | Lasair Candle Co

Candle Quartz: Meaning and Crystal Properties

Candle Quartz is a healing crystal that is often used for balancing the Third Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. It belongs to the storm element and is often found in three colour variations – grey, orange and smokey. If you’re thinking of using a Candle Quartz crystal to amplify the effect of your healing sessions, here’s some important information that will help you understand more about this crystal, in detail.

Candle Quartz: Background and Origin

Candle Quartz is an off-white-coloured crystal that belongs to the family of Quartz. The crystal derives its name from the terminations that flow around its body and resemble wax dripping from candles that are burnt for a short time. It has a waxy texture and is identified by a single terminated point towards its tip. Owing to its close resemblance with pineapple, it is also known by the name of Pineapple Quartz.

This crystal is often found in regions across India, Brazil, Madagascar, and Australia.

Energy and Usage of Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz is a primary tool that can be used in healing sessions and meditation. It harbours a subtle, old earthen energy that sends light through our body from top to bottom when touched. While some can feel this energy vibrate around in our body, others may only feel it slightly.

The energy of Candle Quartz is synonymous with the combined energies of wind, fire, air and water elements. It is like a storm that damages and destructs everything that comes in its way but also leads to a fresh start for the living. The stone is capable of removing bad energies and habits, bringing positive changes in your personality, readjusting your priorities and even completely transforming your life path altogether. It is a charm for those wanting a spiritual and mental rebirth, confidence, self-respect and motivation. This stone emphasises the importance of second chances in our lives.

Candle Quartz can be used for:


Candle Quartz is perfect for self-introspection. It helps you find emotional blockages, making you reflect on yourself and your actions. The crystal brings light, clarity, hope and self-awareness for those who feel unhappy or stuck. Besides, it can help heal hurtful feelings, encourage love and balance thoughts and energies.


This stone when used as a home décor item helps attract abundance and prosperity when placed in business environments. Keep it on your work desk or room where business transactions often take place and watch the crystal work its magic by eliminating negative vibrations from your surroundings.


Known for enhancing intuition and emotional balance, Candle Quartz can help heal inner wounds with regular use. It restores trust and innocence by creating an environment of love all around.

Physical Healing:

Candle Quartz has several spiritual healing properties that can help with ailments like vertigo, depression and headaches. Moreover, it can help us feel good about our bodies and encourage self-control.

Properties of Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz belongs to the sun and moon planets and is the best crystal for those born under the star signs of Gemini and Pisces. This crystal is perfect for those who seek:

  • New Beginnings
  • Past Life Introspection
  • Transformation
  • Knowledge
  • Truth
  • Wisdom
  • Passion
  • Light
  • Growth and Self-healing
  • Aura Cleansing

Overall, this crystal is a go-to remedy for those who think a lot about their past and wish to move on from their life problems.